Neurofibromatosis Illness

September 1, 2010


Neurofibromatosis is a disease transmitted through genetics which is autosomal dominant. This means that is will affect males and females equally and that only one gene is required in order to get this disorder. It is a condition where tumours grow on nerve cells. This can be harmless in some cases but can also be quite dangerous depending on where they are.

With this condition because it is autosomal dominant if one parent suffers from neurofibromatosis the child to have a 50% chance of getting it as well. The severity of the condition is different from person to person. In some cases there will be no family connection as it is not passed down from parent to child but is caused by a cell mutation. There are three forms of the disease.

Neurofibromatosis has no known cure but can be treated with a team of medical people managing the symptoms with in some cases surgery required especially if the condition is causing problems close to an organ or important area. In 10% of cases the tumours can become cancerous and will require cancer treatment such as chemotherapy. For anyone who believes they have Neurofibromatosis they are advised to seek advice from their local GP.


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