Beginner’s Guide

A Beginner’s Guide On Using Electronic Cigarettes

Quitting smoking can be very daunting; however a new method to do so has been developed – the electronic cigarette. As a new electronic cigarette user there are various factors to consider when utilizing the device. These tips and tricks will help you use the electronic cigarette to the best of your ability.


1. Always have a spare battery

When you purchase the electronic cigarette you should have more than one battery as part of the kit. When you have more than one battery you will be able to charge one while you use the other. This ensures that you are not going to have to wait to use the device. If you are able to get these starter kits you should look at getting the double battery ones.

2. Deciding between liquid an pre-filled cartridges

When you are purchasing electronic cigarettes you should determine whether you will be more comfortable with liquid or pre-filled cartridges. New users are advised to look at the pre-filled cartridge because they are easier to use; however, once you have some experience with the devices you can look at the liquid.

The pre-filled cartridge is often comprised of a cartridge and an atomizer. The liquid that you use will need a separate atomizer and you are required to consider how often this needs to be replaced. You also need to consider the problems you may encounter with the liquid electronic cigarettes.

3. Beginning with a low nicotine amount

When you look at electronic cigarettes you should consider the use of low nicotine levels at first. It is better to have the low levels than choosing one that is too strong and puts you off the use of the device. If you find that the nicotine level is not strong enough then you can choose an e cig with higher levels. The majority of electronic cigarette manufacturers’ will have a range of nicotine levels available to suit all smokers’ needs.

4. Try long and slow puffs

A mistake that many electronic cigarette users make is taking frequent and short puffs. This will not only wear down the battery and atomizer, but you will not be getting the best vapor either. By using long, slow puffs you are able to draw in more vapors when you inhale.

5. Turning the electronic cigarette off when not in use

There are numerous electronic cigarettes that have buttons which turn them on and off. You need to ensure that you turn off the device when you are not using it. If you do not you will decrease the battery life and you could affect the atomizer negatively. By leaving an atomizer running you will dry it out and affect its ability to create nicotine vapor.

6. Alternate the atomizer

If you are not using an electronic cigarette that has a cartimizer then you need to make sure that you change the atomizer that you use. When you use the electronic cigarette the atomizer will become clogged and this lowers its ability to heat up correctly. This also means that you will not be able to use the electronic cigarette correctly.

Final words on the matter

Using an electronic cigarette for the first time can be daunting; but by following the tips above you will be sure to enjoy the sensation.